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Get Your Favorite Wallpapers in Flikie.com via Dolphin Home

Tired of finding wallpapers for your phone? Don’t worry, we just find a good wallpaper site for you to choose the wallpapers you want anytime. What’s better than an Android-themed wallpaper on your Android phone? Follow me and experience a wallpaper trip.

First, click the Wallpaper head links in Dolphin Home.

Second, tap a picture you like to access the detail page or just Long press the picture to set as wallpaper.

Tips: Long press any pictures in webpages while you browse via Dolphin, you will get Set As Wallpaper options.

Tips: If you find any pages are interesting and want to share with others, you can use Share Page option via menu button.

You need not to get a wallpaper client programs installed in your phone, Dolphin Home help you save your mobile space. Enjoy!

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