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Free Safari Ad Blocker Now Available

Free Safari Ad Blocker

Download the free Safari ad blocker for a streamlined browsing experience.

With the recent iOS 9 update, Apple enabled content blocking within Safari. Because we at Dolphin are dedicated to providing the best browsing experience possible, we’ve decided to release a free Safari ad blocker extension. Introducing: AdBlocker for Safari!

Improve Your iOS Browsing with the Free Safari Ad Blocker

  • Remove ads: The free Safari Ad Blocker extension applies the latest ad-blocking rules. In our real-world test of the top 100 websites in the US, our extension removed 95% of ads, resulting in clean and clutter-free browsing.
  • Speed up your browsing: Ads take up space, which leads to more processing power to load a site. By removing ads, AdBlocker for Safari greatly improves loading speeds. In our real-world test, mobile websites loaded TWO TIMES faster on average.
  • Protect your privacy: If you’re worried about privacy with AdBlocker, don’t be. We never collect user data – all we do is provide a list of conditions to Safari to block. That’s it. 

If you encounter any website that is still loading ads with AdBlocker enabled, you can email help@dolphin.com and we’ll add that on our end.

AdBlocker is just the first step. Stay tuned for even more exciting extensions and features coming from the team at Dolphin!





Team Dolphin

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