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Free Intangible Fortune-tellers on Your Portable Devices

Are you interested in the fortune-teller? Curious about your forthcomings? Do you want to know about your future? Palmistry Master is here to help.

Palmistry Master is a fortune-teller who is designed to do your future prediction cravings based on your palm! Available on Google Play!

Yes, that’s right; the only thing you need to do is open this fortune-teller app and scan your palm! The app will subsequently provide you with a future prediction and fortune insights.

Overall, Palmistry Master can:

  • Make your fortune prediction based on your palm scans


  • Explain the fortune insights your palms try to tell you
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  • Offer you hints and suggestions based on your prediction
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Hints & Suggestions

More to be discovered by you!

Download now, and enjoy the prediction!


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