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DolphinMail: Your Questions Answered in This Week [March 8, 2011]

It’s Tuesday again and Dolphin Mail time again. In the past week, we updated both Dolphin Browser HD and Dolphin Browser Mini. So we have got even more feedbacks from you. Apart from the long press to copy/paste and save image issues that we have addressed last week, there are also some other questions frequently asked by you. Now let’s open the mail and see what are the else.

Q1: I just want one thing to set right in this browser and that is, “One should be able to set home page according to one’s choice”. Maybe it’s there but i am unable to find that….

A1: Usually by launching the Dolphin Browser, the homepage of both the original Dolphin Browser and Dolphin Browser HD is our Dolphin Home. But in Dolphin Browser HD, it enables you to change the homepage to your own favorite page. And there are two ways for you to achieve it: 1) click Menu->More->Settings->Advanced settings->Set home page; 2) add a web page as your bookmark, then hold on its bookmark link in Bookmarks bar and choose “Set as homepage” option in the context menu. As for Dolphin Browser Mini, its homepage is a speed dial page. Though without the ability to customize your own homepage, you can choose to add you most frequently used websites to speed dial.

Q2: Is there an option to turn off the browser defaulting to the mobile version of pages?

A2: Usually, the default user agent of dolphin is Android. But many prefer the desktop mode as their PC’s. Therefore, you need to change user agent to Desktop. For the original Dolphin Browser and Dolphin Browser HD, you could change UA in the following way: Menu-> Settings-> User Agent-> Desktop. Or you could download Desktop Toggle to change between Android and Desktop more easily for Dolphin Browser HD. And the way to change UA in Dolphin Browser Mini is: Menu-> Toolbox-> User Agent-> Desktop.

Q3: When I go to a different app then come back to dolphin it would be so very crucial if it has the ability to disable the auto refresh.

A3: If the browser is still working in the background when you leave for a long, so such cache would be produced that could cause the phone shutting down. Therefore, in case of crashing the browser itself and your phone, the browser will stop working in the background when you go to another app. And more importantly it does not use your traffic to reload the page but the cache. So pls don’t worry about your traffic.

Q4: I deactivated the gesture icon in the menu after pressing the option button and now i don’t know how i enter the options again and get it back.(Dolphin Mini)

A4: In the new update, we put forward a new concept—-Gesture database in Dolphin Browser Mini. We have more options for gesture. And some may use gestures more frequently. However, in the Gesture settings, new gesture is not the only option, the Gesture button position is also there. One can choose to hide the gesture icon on the screen by choosing “Hide the entry” or show it by choosing “ Bottom left” or “ Bottom right”.

Q5: I would let you know that the latest update doesn’t allow me to change the order once you go in to managing bookmarks on HTC Droid Eris on v 2.1 (no Froyo on my phone which STINKS!)

A5: This is a bug that we newly find on some devices, such as HTC Droid Eris and Motorola Droid. We will try our best to figure it out. Once finding out the solution, we will fix it as soon as possible. And if you have also this problem, we would really appreciate if you could contact our customer service and provide your info to us. Your info would help us better solve the problem.

Q6:  How do I import bookmarks from Miren browser with Dolphin Browser HD?

A6: Although, Dolphin Browser has an add-on Bookmarks to SD to import bookmarks. But it could only import bookmarks from dolphin browser and the stock Android browser. If you want to import bookmarks from other browsers such as Miren and Firefox, you may download Xmarks to help you. Though it is an app provided by LastPass Company, it is also fit with Dolphin Browser HD.

Thanks again for all your feedbacks on our updates. Hope you could find your answers in this mail. If you think we have forgotten something more important. Pls don’t hesitate to remind us. We will add it to our next mail. : )

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