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DolphinMail: Your Questions Answered in This Week [March 1, 2011]

Dear users, do you remember our promise that we will update the most frequently asked questions and their answers regularly? Now it is our time to fulfill it. The followings are the questions that we have picked up from hundreds of emails you sent to us.

Q1: After the last update of HD 4.4 I can no longer hold and press to bring up the selection/copy/paste menu so please put the option to have that back in for those of us that want it. I have an HTC EVO 4G.

A: Since our last update, select text function can no longer work on HTC devices. Sorry for all the inconvenience that we have brought to you. But now we have already fixed it. Here is the download link for a new apk:  http://bit.ly/hwv2rc

Q2: Can’t use long-press on pictures to download. It was working before I upgraded to HD 4.4 this morning.

A: This is also our bug along with the select text issue on HTC devices in this updated version. And for sure, we have fixed it, too. Here is the download link for a new apk:http://bit.ly/hwv2rc

Q3: Is it possible to remove just one bookmark? I use the dolphin HD and see only the button to remove all bookmarks?

A: Many users are confused with “ Delete bookmark” and “ Delete all” options. The “ Delete all” option appears when you click Menu in the bookmark folder page. However, the“ Delete bookmark” option will appear in the context menu when holding on a bookmark in a bookmark folder.

Q4: Is there any way to change the information for an entry saved in the Password Manager Add-on for Dolphin HD on Android 2.2? I recently updated my passwords, but can’t find how to change or delete what’s saved.

A: Password Manager is for you to easily and quickly access your multiple accounts without inputting your user names and passwords manually. There are two versions: lite version and full version. The lite version is free but could only support 3 passwords. The full is paid with unlimited passwords. If one wants to edit or delete his password, he could choose password manager in his add-ons firstly. Then holding on the account that he wishes to change password, the “ Edit profile” option will appear in the context menu.

Q5: How do I access my bookmarks from other Dolphin browsers in Dolphin Browser Mini?

A: Without an add on like Bookmarks to SD as in Dolphin Browser HD, Dolphin Browser Mini put the import / sync bookmarks option in Data Backup ( Menu-> Toolbox->Data Backup). So sometimes, you can’t find it so easily.

Q6: Hi there, I had dolphin mini installed & working ok, I then installed dolphin hd but everytime I ran the hd version it always ran the first run wizard & didn’t save settings so I uninstalled it. And dolphin mini presents the same problem. I am using Samsung Galaxy S I9000.

A: We are trying our best to figure out this problem and fix it asap now. Before we fix it in our official versions, there is one approach provided by one of our users seems to solve this problem. Maybe you could have a try: get root explorer and go to dbdata/database and delete the dolphin mini folder.

Q7: The Dolphin Desktop Toggles Works great, but can there be an indicator to show current mode?

A: Desktop Toggles is for you to change user agent more conveniently. Its icon is made of half of a phone and half of a pc. When the phone part turns blue, then you are in Mobile/ Android mode; vice versa.

Hope you can find your answers in this post. And as our customer service said:” If you have any problem, pls don’t hesitate to contact us. We will try our best to help you.” Maybe one day, you will see your questions here.

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