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DolphinMail: Your Questions Answered in This Week [February 22, 2011]

Welcome to a brand new Category that we’ll start doing every week if needed… DolphinMail! We get a lot of Dolphin-related questions throughout the week and can’t POSSIBLY get all our users know our answers. We have received so many feedbacks from you via emails, comments, etc. Among them, some questions and problems are frequently appeared. In order to let all of you get a quicker look at the answers, we have concluded some most frequent Q & As here. Hope these will be helpful to you.

Let’s see which questions we have picked for you this week.

Q1: I paid the fee but am still getting ads. How can I turn of the annoying ads at the bottom of the browser?

Sorry for the misunderstanding caused in the app description. Actually, Dolphin License could only remove the Google ads in the main app, not the ads in webpages. And the app recommendations at the bottom of Dolphin Home aren’t ads. It is totally free. They are good apps that we recommend for you. Hope you can understand.

Q2: With Dolphin Browser HD V4.3 When I have my phone in landscape and go to type something into the adress bar, sometimes the onscreen keyboard bounces instead of acting normally. Is there any way to fix it?

This is our bug in Dolphin Browser HD V4.3. We have fixed it in our new beta version. You can download the new beta version by clicking here. Or you can wait until our V4.4 released.

Q3: Pinch zoom broken with latest update. Rooted nook color 1.0.1 android 2.1

This is also our bug with Dolphin Browser HD V4.3. We have fixed it in our new beta version. You can download the new beta version by clicking here. Or you can wait until our V4.4 released.

Q4: I previously purchased your browser license, but I had to reset my phone. Do I have to purchase it again?

Usually, Dolphin License does not need to be purchased again. You just need to login with the same account and download it again.

Q5: Good browser, but how does one delete unwanted bookmarks?

Holding on a bookmark in your bookmarks list, one can find the “Delete bookmark” option in the context menu.

Q6: Why, when setting the doing confirm on exit option (Menu-> Toolbox-> Settings-> Confirm upon exit) and I always asked if I want to minimize or exit? When I press the back button, I want to go straight back, without confirming anything on exit?

In case of you closing the browser accidentally thus losing your data, so we design it confirming again when you exit by back button. If you want to exit directly, pls choose the “Exit” button in the menu. And the confirm on exit options in settings is for exiting browser via menu button.

Q7: Is there any way to import bookmarks from Dolphin HD to Dolphin Mini?

Currently, Dolphin Browser Mini does not support this feature. And we will let you know if we decide to have this in plan.

Q8:  How do we watch flash videos using Galaxy S phones with Android 2.1 via Dolphin Browser HD?

Currently, Dolphin Browser HD only supports flash on Android 2.2 or above.

Q9: I have changed the User Agent in HD version. I still get the mobile version of this website. How can I prevent this from happening?

If you don’t want the mobile version, pls change your user agent in settings: Menu>More>Settings User Agent>Desktop. And if it is mobile site address, pls don’t forget to input the full website address again. Usually, the browser itself won’t redirect automatically.

Hope you enjoyed the first edition of DolphinMail and we look forward to getting your questions throughout the next week!

You can submit your DolphinMail questions here, or just find answers in our FAQ page. Thank you for your feedbacks again!

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