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Dolphin Browser wants to hear your feedback. Join our new Dolphin Trainer Program!

We know Dolphin’s don’t look like we have ears but we do! And we want to hear from you. Join the Dolphin Trainer program and become one of our exclusive product and brand advisors.

One of the best things about working for Dolphin is that our customer are real fans. You guys have great ideas, and what is a better way to get feedback than ask our fans directly? So we have made it easy and are proud to launch today our Dolphin Customer Advisory Board (or Dolphin Trainer Program).

What is the Dolphin Trainer Program?
Our Dolphin Trainer Program is a way for us to connect with our biggest fans and give them a chance to give input on the creation of Dolphin. We ask a bunch of questions, you choose the questions you want to answer, and at the end we pick one winner. That’s it.

You can even get “thumbed up” by other Dolphin Trainers or chosen at activity winner for a great response which gets you more “sardines.” For each questions you answer or activity you win, you get more sardines which unlock different levels and questions, not to mention Dolphin gear.

How does it work?
Well, glad you asked. Simple.

  1. “Like Us” on our Facebook Page
  2. Request an invitation for our Dolphin Trainer Program by emailing contact@dolphin-browser.com
    1. Please put “Dolphin Trainer Program” in the subject line
  3. We will send you the password to enter on our Dolphin Training Program
  4. Answer questions (the majority take less than 1 minute to answer)
  5. Get points and access higher Dolphin Trainer levels
  6. Earn higher ranking and questions as well as Dolphin gear
  7. We will send feedback to our team and let you know certain Dolphin thought leaders and ideas put into action.

So sign up today and join the team!
Team Dolphin

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