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Dolphin Sonar Use Case: New York, New York! Touring the Big Apple with Rob

Rob recently went on a trip to New York City to visit his best friend Mike. While Rob was there, he was left on his own for a couple of days to explore NYC while Mike had to work. Since it was a Rob’s first time in New York City, the size and sheer number of people in such a concentrated area quickly became confusing for a first time visitor. However, by using Dolphin Sonar and its secret menu of commands, navigating NYC became a piece of cake.

1) Finding your bearings with a map. 

Rob headed straight for the World Trade Center to take a look at the current state of construction. After about an hour, he decided to head back to the upper west side to meet Mike for his lunch break. To get his bearings, Rob quickly called out to his Dolphin Browser by saying “New York City map.” 


 2) Getting more details from the map.

Rob needed more details to his map to get to Mike so he called out to his New York City map to “find upper west side 74th street” — and that’s exactly what he got!



3) Transportation in the Big Apple.

After looking at the map, Rob realized that his friend was over 70 blocks away and running is just not gonna cut it. So he decided that a cab would be the fastest way to travel over 70 blocks to Mike.

Rob whipped out his phone and called out “New York City Cab” and on his screen was a list of cab companies he could call.

4) Saving your information for later use with Dolphin Sonar.

Realizing that cabs was the way to go, Rob needed to save this page of taxi numbers for use again so all he did was say “bookmark this” into his browser and it was a done deal!

Not only is the Dolphin Sonar easy to use, it is incredibly practical for daily usage especially while travelling.

It really takes the guesswork out of map reading and co-ordination which will save you more time to explore.

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