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Dolphin Mini V2.2 Updated on Android Market

Dolphin Browser Mini gets an update today.  Anyone who likes Dolphin Mini, Please get your phone ready and download it from Android Market.

Change logs of Dolphin Mini v2.2 are as below:


1. Fixed select text issue on some devices.

When long press a word, the highlight cursors appear at the very top of the page at the first letter of the first word. Or sometimes the cursors do not appear at all.

2. Fixed auto-fit issue on HTC Incredible.

Webpages cannot be resized to fit the page when multi-touch to zoom in or zoom out the page.

3. Fixed double tap to zoom in/ out in Android mode on HTC devices.

Open Google page in Android mode on a HTC device, double tapping to zoom in/ out the page does not work.

4.Fixed crash bugs based on the crash logs you have sent to us.

Thank all of you for your precious feedback for the past version and let us know how this version works for you. Please continue to report issues to support@dolphin-browser.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

P.S: Dolphin Browser Mini has a new logo in Android Market. Check it out!

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