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Dolphin Mini v2.0.1 Updates in Android Market

Have you tried our Dolphin Browser Mini v2.0.1 beta on your Android 3.0 device? Does it work well with Adobe Flash Player 10.2 on your phone? If you still don’t get it, it doesn’t matter. Cause it is finally released to Android Market now.

This is just a minor bug-fixing version, mainly focusing on the bug of Adobe Flash Player v10.2 on Honeycomb devices.  Anyone has a related problem with Adobe Flash Player 10.2 on your Android 3.0 device, could go to Android Market to download this new version of Dolphin Browser Mini. However, if you are non-Android 3.0 users or get other flash problems on your Honeycomb devices, you could contact our support team and tell them what your problems. We will look into your issues and try our best to fix them one by one. So dear users, tell us what you want and your concerns, we will spare no effort to present a better Dolphin Browser Mini to you.

To get this final released version, download it directly from Android Market. Or click or scan the QR code below.

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