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Dolphin Mini v2.0.1 Beta: Better Integration with Adobe Flash Player 10.2 on Android 3.0 Devices

After Dolphin HD’s adding acceleration support for Android 3.0 device, Dolphin Browser Mini updates for Android 3.0 device, too. In this v2.0.1 beta, we fix a bug with Adobe Flash Player 10.2 in Dolphin Mini on Honeycomb device.

Days ago, Adobe Flash Player updated their app to v10.2 to integrate with the browser on Android 3.0.1. But with our Dolphin Browser Mini, it gets a minor bug: while playing flash video with Adobe Flash Player in Dolphin Browser Mini, there are no flash frames but only sound. Thanks for your feedback, we finally figure it out and fix it. So with this new beta version, it won’t happen again. You could put your heart down to use Adobe Flash Player 10.2 with Dolphin Browser Mini v2.0.1 Beta now.

Anyone that wants a more smooth flash playing experience, pls download this v2.0.1 beta and try it on your Android 3.0 device. If you still have any other request for our browser on your Honeycomb device, just say it! We will do the best as we can!

Now scan the QRcode or click the download button to get it!

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