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Dolphin Mail: Your Questions Answered in This Week [March 15, 2011]

Hi, welcome to Dolphin Mail time again! Have you found your answers in our last mail? If not, pls open this mail and see whether your answer is here.

Q1: New Google feature for previews of pages on mobile browsers can’t be used efficiently as it slides the right menu bar of dolphin onto the screen area.

A: Recently Google release a new feature to their Google search—-instant preview, which provides a fast and interactive way to evaluate search result. With Dolphin Browser, it works in mobile view. However, Dolphin Browser HD has a feature called swipe action. It enables you to swipe left or right to show your bookmarks bar and toolbar. With google’s new function, this feature seems to be a little inconvenient. Cause usually, you will swipe the sidebar out instead of seeing previews of your rest search result. So when using the instant preview feature, pls disable the swipe action in settings: Menu-> More-> Settings-> Enable swipe action.

Q2: How do I turn on and off pop-up blockers from the dolphin browser?  (I need to turn off the pop-up blockers in order to check my email with charter.net)

A: On some pages, there are pop-ups. Some prefer to show it, on the other hand, some prefer to block them. So except in Dolphin Brower Mini, we make it default to block pop-ups by default. We provide settings to block pop-ups or not. With Dolphin Browser HD, pls click Menu-> Settings-> Advanced settings-> Block pop-up windows. With the original Dolphin Browser, pls click Menu-> Settings-> System settings-> Block pop-up windows.

Q3: In the bookmarks bar, when I try to rearrange the bookmarks using the little buttons on the right hand side, it lets me drag the bookmarksup and down, but when I release it to drop it where I want, it just resets to how it was.

A: This is a problem we have mentioned in the late mail. Do you remember? Now we have found a solution that may work for some devices, so anyone with such problem may have a try: backup your data( Menu-> More-> Settings-> Advanced settings-> Backup), delete all you bookmarks, and restore you data ( Menu-> More-> Settings-> Advanced settings-> Restore). Then exit Dolphin Browser HD, reboot your phone and relaunch HD. Still, we will continue working on this issue and figuring out a better solution.

Q4: Can you make the pages auto fit the screen in Dolphin Browser Mini?

A: Unlike Dolphin Browser HD, Dolphin Browser Mini does not have Auto fit pages in settings. However, you can auto fit pages by double tapping a page or using zoom buttons. Tips: using the zoom button, you should know how to show them firstly: Menu-> Toolbox-> Settings-> Show pinch-zoom button.

Q5: I understand that for some reason the tab bar might disappear but wondering how to make them reappear so I can close unwanted tabs.

A: When scrolling down the page or in full screen mode in Dolphin Browser HD, the tab bar will be hidden automatically. It is easier for you to access it when in non-full screen by simply scrolling up. While in full screen mode, you have to click menu button to show it.

Q6: What is the difference between dolphin browser HD and dolphin browser mini?

A: Although many users have been using our Dolphin Browsers for a long time. But still sometimes some will be confused with different versions of Dolphin Brower. Dolphin Browser HD is built on 2.0 Android platform and supports add-ons to meets your advanced needs. Main features: Add-ons, multi-touch, gesture, bookmarks folder, data backup and restore, multi tabs browsing, theme packs, 14 languages support, browsing without history, RSS detection, etc.. The new comer, Dolphin Browser Mini, which is built on Android 1.6, is the upgrade version of the original Dolphin Browser. It offers many of the features found in Dolphin Browser HD… but it doesn’t currently support add-ons and it is faster and lighter. Main features: Gestures, multi touch, bookmark sync, private browsing, cache to SD, Setup Wizard, Multi-tab browsing, RSS Detection, Online pdf viewer,etc.

Till this week, we have opened this new area for about a month. How do you like it? Do you have any suggestions to our Dolphin Mail? If yes, pls don’t hesitate to tell us your thoughts. We will try our best to make Dolphin Mail do its utmost to help you.

You may contact us in the following ways: 1) follow us on twitter; 2) leave your comment on our blog;  3)become our fan on Facebook; 4) Send emails to us: support@dolphin-browser.com. Thanks in all.

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