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Dolphin Made Easy: The Best Dolphin Features We All Love

Dolphin is our browser! It makes browsing easy with customizable settings and lightning fast speed. Here’s a list of the features I love:

Gesture and Sonar allow you to browse without typing a single word 

Simply draw a letter or an arrow, or any symbol you want and you can create shortcuts to your favorite web sites. The best thing is you can create your own gestures. What do you think about stepladder for a DIY page or a fish for recipe and cooking demos?

If you are on the go, Sonar will be your best friend. All you need to do is to say it and Dolphin will do it for you. A great example is getting driving directions or navigating through Dolphin’s features.

Dolphin knows we love to share and there so there are multiple ways to do so

One-tap and share to Twitter, Facebook or email…how much easier can it get? Tabs and bookmarks can be saved to Evernote and Box.  You can also synchronize this information across multiple devices via Dolphin Connect. It got even simpler when Dolphin created desktop extensions, so you keep your computer and mobile devices all on the same page.

Flash Support

Needless to say anymore, Flash support is the best Dolphin feature we all love. Forget YouTube, just watch it on Dolphin.

Dolphin has a long list of features: Dolphin Translate, Jetpack for even better performance, creating a customizable browsing experience, search suggestions, saving web pages as a PDF and many more. The list is almost endless!

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