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Dolphin Launches High Definition Retina Display on iPad v4.2


We are proud to launch Dolphin Browser’s latest version for iPhone v4.1 and iPad v4.2 today. Now you can browse on your new iPad with a new high definition retina display for the clearest Dolphin experience. Additionally we have suped-up some other features to improve functionality.

To make your search experience even faster, iPad v4.2 has both URL and default keyboards and Dolphin now saves your browsing history on both iPhone and iPad for quick access to popular sites.

Download Dolphin Browser for iPad v4.2 and Dolphin Browser for iPhone v4.1 now!

We want to know what you think so tell us what you like about the latest update! Contact us at support@dolphin-browser.com or join our community on Facebook and Twitter.

Team Dolphin


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