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Dolphin Jetpack APK: Standalone or Built-in?

If you’re wondering whether your device should use the Dolphin Jetpack APK or if it’s built-in, you’re in the right place! Read on to learn more. 


Browse faster with the Dolphin Jetpack Apk or the built in version of Jetpack.

Many Dolphin users are confused regarding the differences between the built-in Jetpack and the standalone Jetpack app on the Play Store. Before we jump into the differences, though, we’d like to clarify what exactly Jetpack does within Dolphin Browser:

  • Auto-fit pages: By enabling both Jetpack and the ‘Auto-fit pages’ option within Dolphin settings, website text will adjust when you zoom so that you don’t need to scroll horizontally to read everything.
  • Flash game mode: By enabling ‘Flash game mode’, you disable double-tap zoom and can drag and drop, making it so you can play Flash games on the go.
  • Force enable zoom: This option is available in v11 of Dolphin Browser. Once enabled, you’ll be able to zoom even on pages that normally don’t allow it (such as m.yahoo.com)
  • Open in app: This option lets you open links in relevant apps. Currently, we support opening links in the YouTube, Google Plus, and Google Maps apps.
  • Save passwords & cookies: Enable both Jetpack and ‘Remember passwords’ within the Dolphin settings and Dolphin will save both passwords and cookies on websites you’ve visited or logged in on.

Built-in Jetpack on Dolphin Browser

In order to see the built-in version of Jetpack, you will need to be on v11.3.4 or higher for Dolphin Browser and on Android 4.0+. The bundled version of Jetpack brings plenty of behind-the-scenes technology to make Dolphin the best-performing HTML5 browser (according to a number of tests and benchmarks). In addition to the above features, Dolphin Jetpack also helps to support Flash, speed up page loading, and improve page-rendering performance.

Downloading the Standalone Dolphin Jetpack APK App

The standalone Dolphin Jetpack apk in the Play Store is a separate development version with more features. In addition to the built-in features above, the standalone app also supports one finger zoom, adds WebGL support to 3D graphics, and protects against the FREAK and Logjam attacks.

However, please note: the standalone Jetpack app has some compatibility issues with Android 4.0-4.2, so it is advised to only download the Jetpack app if you’re on Android 4.3+.

If you’re looking for ways to experience even more features on Dolphin, then download the Dolphin Jetpack app today from the Play Store! If you don’t need too many frills when browsing, then simply install Dolphin Browser (with built-in Jetpack).

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