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Dolphin is #2 on CNET’s Top 100 Most Popular Android Apps!

We are happy to announce that Dolphin voted as No.2 on CNET’s Top 100 Android apps.  A big thank you to all our fans who voted for us.

100 Android apps. 10 CNET editors and writers. 16 days. 9317 votes… only 10 winners.

July 11th 2011, 10 CNET editors and writers posted their favorite 10 apps and asked their viewers to vote for the CNET 100.  11 days later they closed the polls and we were thrilled to see that that Dolphin Browser had made the Top 10. Today we announce that we are Number 2, coming in just behind Google Maps. Thank you so much to our amazing fans that voted, tweeted and posted for us! And a special Dolphin thank you to Bonnie Cha and CNET!

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