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Vertical Search


What is vertical search?

Vertical search is a feature that enables you to make one-click searches within Amazon, Wikipedia, YouTube, and more straight from your URL bar.

How do I use vertical search?

  1. Type a search query into the URL Bar.
  2. A menu will appear along the top of the keyboard indicating which services you can search within. Current available services include Amazon, Ebay, Wikipedia, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.
  3. Tap the logo of your choice.

How do I choose which services are included in the vertical search menu?

Go to Menu > Settings > Search Engine. Here you can choose up to 5 services to include in the vertical search menu.

How do I turn off vertical search?

Go to Menu > Settings > Search Engine to toggle on/off vertical search.

Which Dolphin versions support vertical search?

Vertical search is available on Dolphin for Android v10.0+

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