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Dolphin HD v7.3.1 BETA: Better Sidebars, Better Browsing

Dolphin Browser HD v7.3.1 BETA is available today only through our blog!

Dolphin Add-ons have always been one of the most outstanding features of Dolphin and with over 50, we felt it was about high time we highlighted a few of the key Add-ons for you.

In this BETA, we have pre-loaded 5 of the most popular Add-ons right on the Toolbar, including:

* Dolphin Companion

Save your phone’s battery life with 3 battery-optimizing profiles for faster and more secure browsing.

* Web to PDF

Save Web pages as high quality PDF files. Access them anytime online or offline.

* Dolphin Screen Cut

Capture a screenshot of an entire webpage or just a part for later viewing and sharing.

* Dolphin Translate

Let Dolphin (and Google) translate a webpage, desired sentence or word into any of 58 languages without leaving the page.

* Shiny Shake Dolphin

Shake your phone to switch between 4 colors themes or open website tabs on Dolphin Browser.

*Of course, if you have already installed any of the above 5 Add-ons, you will just open it.

Also in an effort to appease both tablet and smartphone users we have also modified the sensitivity on the Sidebars. Some have said the Sidebars are too sensitive on smartphones, but too hard to bring out on tablets. But now with v7.3.1 BETA, we changed the sliding scale and added indicating arrows to make it just right.

As always, we love your feedback and want to make sure that we are creating the best products for your needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us at support@dolphin-browser.com or join our community on Facebook and Twitter.

Enjoy browsing!

Team Dolphin


Check out the QRcode for Dolphin Browser HD v7.3.1 BETA:

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