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Dolphin HD V6.1 Beta Updated, Stability Improved

It has been about 2 weeks since Dolphin HD v6.0 was launched. Today we are pleased to announce the first update after v6.0—-Dolphin HD v6.1 beta on our blog. In this beta version, we focus on improving the performance and stability.

Since the release of Dolphin HD v6.0, we have received feedback from thousands of our users, including bug reports, complaints, feature requests and so on. Thanks for helping us improve Dolphin HD. According to all your feedback, we changed and fixed the following things in Dolphin HD v6.1 beta:

  • Remove “Share via Dolphin Browser” when sharing page via Gmail, Facebook and etc. This is the biggest complaint that we hear from you since the big update of Dolphin HD v6.0.
  • Fix User Agent issue on some devices: when open a link in desktop mode, Dolphin loads it in mobile mode.
  • Keep on fixing page loading issues on some devices.
  • Fix more random crash bugs based on crash logs you sent to us.

Besides, we also make some changes of Dolphin Webzine. The more specific introduction will be addressed in the final version of Dolphin HD v6.1. Please keep updated with us! Welcome your feedback to support@dolphin-browser.com.


To download Dolphin HD v6.1 beta, please scan or click the QR code below:

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