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Dolphin HD v5.1:Fewer Bugs, Smoother & Faster Browsing Experience

First of all, we need to say “Sorry” to our users, especially those who have been suffering from the page loading issue since the release of Dolphin HD v5. We have been working on this issue since the day we received your feedback. Therefore, we release so many beta versions to make sure that they really solve your problem. Finally, in v5.0.6 beta, things are improved a lot.  So today, we release Dolphin HD v5.1 to Android Market.

Dolphin HD v5.1 focuses on fixing bugs that you have met in Dolphin v5 and its beta versions. Except the page loading problem we have emphasized for so long,  some other bugs are also fixed in v5.1:

  • Some unexpected force close issues
  • Select text issue on some devices
  • Can’t double tap to zoom in mobile mode on some devices
  • Can’t Save image on Droid Incredible
  • Can’t view some desktop websites on some devices
  • Clear cookie/history unsuccessfully upon exit on some devices
  • Can’t set “about:blank” page as homepage
  • Some other tiny bugs

According to your feedback, we also adjust some features in Dolphin HD v5.1:

1. Add the action to clear phone cache when users choose to “Cache to SD”

2. Adjust the action: When launching Dolphin by opening an external link, press “Back” button to return to the original app instead of new tab page.

3. Change the category of  “Set homepage” into “Dolphin settings” instead of “Data storage settings”.

There are two more things we should notice here: 1) Mobile Twitter loads in blank. This is the problem with twitter itself , not  a bug of Dolphin HD. For more info, you can check here: http://bit.ly/b0d5QK. 2) Bookmark sync problem with Xmarks. We have got in touch with Xmarks guys. We will try to work out the problem with them asap.

After trying out Dolphin HD v5.1, we sincerely hope you can offer your valuable feedback to us as usual. If you like it, we hope you can give it a five stars comment on Android Market as usual. Again, thanks for your support all the way along. We will do all we can to make Dolphin v5 to be better & better.

Here is the download QR code for Dolphin HD v5.1 in Android Market:

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