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Dolphin HD v4.4 & Dolphin Mini V2.0 Released Simultaneously, Update the One You Prefer

The first time Dolphin Browser HD and Dolphin Browser Mini released together. My dear supporters, update the one you prefer. ๐Ÿ™‚

We have planed to release Dolphin Browser HD v4.4 last week. However, we received several emails and comments to report our Multi-touch Pinch zoom issue. In order to bring you a good version, we modify our code again and again. And one thing need to mention is that thank you for testing our apk and give your response and feedback to us promptly. So that we could take actions immediately. ย Apart from the issue mentioned above, we also fixed some minor bugs and updated the copy/select text feature.

Download Dolphin Browser HD v4.4. Detailed info see this post.

We did a big adjustments in Dolphin Mini’s Gesture and UI in Settings, then Dolphin Browser Mini v2.0 is coming. Thanks for your appreciation in your previous emails and comments, your support endue us with great confidence. We do believe we will make a better products for you. Download the latest update in Android market.

Download Dolphin Browser Mini v2.0. Detailed info see this post.

Happy weekends!

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