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Dolphin HD & Dolphin Mini Release Hot-fix Versions To Android Market

Dolphin Browser HD & Dolphin Browser Mini update again? Yes! This time, we release two hot-fix versions to Android Market. Since our last update of Dolphin Browser HD and Dolphin Browser Mini, we have received many appreciations, but still there are bugs in both apps. Thank you for all of your instant feedbacks, now we have fixed them in these two versions.

Dolphin Browser HD v4.6.1

In Dolphin Browser HD v4.6.1, we have fixed 3 major bugs:

  1. When click the Feeds button to view all feeds in Google Reader, it just keeps loading and hangs there.
  2. When open Gmail, the page just keeps loading and then get the Oops message.
  3. Can’t play YouTube Video in Android mode on Android 2.2 devices.

To get the latest version to fix the above problems, pls update Dolphin Browser HD in Android Market or click/ scan the QRcode image below.

Dolphin Browser Mini V2.1.1

In Dolphin Browser Mini v2.1.1, we mainly fix a crash bug: the browser keeps crashing immediately after opening. For Dolphin Browser Mini users who have such crash issue, pls update Dolphin Browser Mini to v2.1.1 in Android Market.

Thanks again for all of your feedbacks! πŸ™‚

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