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iPhone FAQ

Bookmarks and Browsing History
Gesture & Dolphin Sonar
Menu bar
Dolphin Connect

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How do I install Dolphin Browser?

Search “Dolphin Browser” on App store, click install to get best user experience.

Which version of iOS does Dolphin Browser work on?

Dolphin Browser works on iOS 4.0+.

What is swipe action?

Swipe action is an action to quickly access your bookmarks bar and tab bar.

Bookmarks, history and tabs

How to manage bookmarks in Dolphin?

–  To sync bookmark data: Click the cloud-shaped button

–  To edit bookmark: Click Edit” button

–  To add a new bookmark: Click “Add Bookmark” button

To delete a bookmark: Slide left on a single bookmark and then click “Delete”

How do I create a new bookmark folder?

You can create new bookmarks folder on bookmarks editing page swipe right > Edit > New Folder.

How do I rearrange bookmarks?

You can access bookmarks editing page by swiping right > Edit first, and drag the sorting icon on the right side of the bookmarks.

How do I access my browsing history?

After launching Dolphin Browser, you can swipe right and click “History” to view history in Bookmark side bar.

How do I clear all browsing history?

You can delete all history on bookmarks editing page by swiping right > History > Clear all.

How do I manage tabs?

To manage your tabs, please first swipe left to access the right side Tab Bar.

In Tab Bar, you can:

–  View all your open tabs with page title tab title

–  Close unused tabs

–  Add a new tab by tapping “Create a New Tab” button


How can I share webpage to Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, Box and Email?

To share a website, please tap Dolphin Menu> Share, and choose the service you want to share with.

How can I manage sharing accounts?

All sharing accounts are listed under Menu> Settings> Account & Sync> Evernote/Facebook/ Twitter/ Box. Here you are able to log in or log out of accounts.


How do I create a new tab?

– Access tab bar by clicking bottom window button or slide your screen to the right.

– View entire tab title.

– Delete unwanted tabs without having to reload the page

– Add new tabs by tapping “Create a New Tab” button


How do I turn on Desktop mode?

You can turn on Desktop mode on Settings page which can be accessed by tapping Menu> Settings.

How do I turn on Night mode?

You can find the option to turn on/ off Night mode under Menu> Settings> Night Mode.

How do I switch search engine?

Please tap Menu button (On the right side of Dolphin button)> Settings> Search Engine, and then you’ll find Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Wikipedia and DuckDuckGo.

How do I switch font size?

After launching Dolphin Browser, you can switch text size by tapping the menu button (on the right of Dolphin button)> Settings>Font size.

How do I open links in new tab/background by default?

You can find the options for opening links under Menu> Settings> Link option> Keep default action/ Open in new tab/ Open in current tab.

How do I turn on Save passwords?

After launching Dolphin Browser, please tab Menu button to enter settings page. You will find the option “Save Passwords” there.

How do I disable image?

You can find out the option to disable image under Menu> Settings> Disable Image> Off.

How do I clear data?

Please access settings page first by tapping the menu button (on the right of Dolphin button)> Settings, and then you can choose to clear History, clear Cookies, clear Cache, clear Passwords or clear all Data.

What is Classic Tab Mode?

With Dolphin you can choose between Classic Tab Mode, a Dolphin interface with your open tabs on the top of the screen, or tabs on the right sidebar. Go to “Settings” for the option to switch between the two options.

When you turn on Classic Tab Mode, the window button in bottom menu bar will turn into full-screen button. Click it to hide tab bar and address bar and the right side tab bar is disabled.

How do I enable Classic Tab Mode?

After launching Dolphin Browser, please click menu button at bottom bar>Settings >Classic Tab Mode >ON.

Gesture & Dolphin Sonar

What is gesture?

This is a feature which helps you handle Dolphin Browser more easily through drawing different gestures. Dolphin Gesture allows you to create personal symbols to access websites you use the most with just one stroke.

How do I create a new gesture?

After launching Dolphin Browser, please clicking Dolphin button> Gesture> gear shaped button> Create Gesture> choose the action you want> Draw a sign> Save.

How do I use Gesture & Sonar?

Click the Dolphin button to access Gesture and Sonar with a new clean white background and a toggle button to switch quickly.

– Click Dolphin button on the menu bar

– Slide toggle to switch from Gesture to Dolphin Sonar

– Click gear-shaped button to enter Gesture/ Sonar settings or get more help

How do I purchase Dolphin Sonar?

After launching Dolphin Browser, please click the Dolphin-shaped icon and switch to “Sonar”. And then you will see the link to purchase Dolphin Sonar. It will cost you $0.99.

How do I enable Shake to activate Dolphin Sonar?

You can enter Dolphin Sonar page first, and then click the gear shaped button on that page. Thus the option Enable shake to activate Dolphin Sonar can be found.

Menu Bar

How do I add to my speed dial?

Now without the “+” button on the speed dial, you can add to home screen by:

– Open a webpage

– Click the menu button at bottom

– Click “Add Page” button

– Choose “Add to Speed Dial” option


Where are my settings?

Tap the menu button to the right of Dolphin button to:

– Add page: Add page to bookmarks, speed dial or create a Gesture

– Share Page: Share on Facebook, Twitter or via email

– Private Mode: Private browsing does not save browsing history

– Find on page: Search for a word of phrase

– Downloads: A list of all downloaded files

– Settings: All er… settings 🙂

Dolphin Connect

What is Dolphin Connect?

Dolphin Connect is a cloud account that allows you to sync your bookmarks, history, tabs and passwords across different platforms, including mobile devices and your desktop.

Send directions, photos, webpages or phone numbers between your desktop and mobile with the ChromeFirefox or Safari extensions or sync information between your Android phone and iPad.

What is Send to Device?

Send a phone number, directions or your favorite photo between your computer and connected devices.

How do I Send to Device with my iPhone?

Download extension for ChromeFirefox or Safari and sign into the same Dolphin Connect account on your mobile device and desktop.

From Desktop Webpage:
Select a webpage you would like to send. Click on the browser extension icon on the top right or left of URL bar.  Select device and presto!

1. Directions: Go to Google maps and select “Get directions”. The “Send to Mobile” button will appear below the point A/B text boxes. Tap “Send to Mobile” button and select the desired device. Simple as that.

2. Text/Images: Select the image you would like to share. Right click image and select “Send Image to Dolphin”.

What is WiFi Broadcast?

Use Wifi Broadcast to share webpages with your friends on the same WiFi network.

How can I sync bookmarks and opened tabs with desktop Chrome/Firefox?

Install the extension “Dolphin Connect” on Chrome/Firefox, and log in to your selected Dolphin connect account on mobile.

What can I do with Dolphin Connect on my iPhone/iPod?

To set up Dolphin Connect, tap the gear shaped button in menu bar > Account > Dolphin and login Dolphin Connect with your Facebook, Google or Dolphin account.

Dolphin Connect Features

– Sync Tabs

– Sync History

– Sync Passwords

– Manage passwords

– Auto-sync (WiFi only)

– Send directions/webpages/phone numbers/photos and more from desktop to other connected devices

– Find synced bookmarks and tabs in “Advanced settings via web management”.

How can I sync bookmarks/history/tabs/passwords from one Dolphin device to my iPhone/iPod?

Go to Bookmarks Bar and then click the “cloud-shaped” button. Dolphin will sync your data automatically.


How do I add a Webzine column?

From the New Tab menu, you can add your favorite column by clicking More. Here you can browse or search for the column. When found, push the “+” to add the column to your Webzine homepage.

How do I disable the “Go to Webzine” button at the bottom of a website?

Please tap the Menu button (on the right of Dolphin button)> Settings, and then you will find the option to turn off Webzine Discover.


How can I use Add-ons on Dolphin Browser?

Due to technical limitations, iOS does not support our native application Add-ons. But we will continue optimizing Dolphin and looking for a better way to fix the issue.

Why can’t I download mp3 or files to clients such as Gallery or iBook directly?

Currently, we do not support downloading and saving to other apps due to technical limitations within iOS, but we are still working hard to resolve this.

Why can’t I set Dolphin Browser as the default browser?

Unfortunately, iOS does not allow 3rd party browsers to be the default browser. However, if you jailbreak your device, you can set Dolphin Browser as the default browser.

How do I save a downloaded image to Photos?

Hold on the image you want to save, and then choose Save image.

How do I save websites as bookmarklets?

After launching Dolphin Browser, you need first save a website such as Instapaper which supports bookmarklet. When you save it as a bookmark, you need replace the URL with its own Javascript. And then you can save any selected website to the service.

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