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Dolphin for Android & Jetpack Update: Smoother Browsing, Added Search Engines


Today, Team Dolphin announced two new updates on Android: Dolphin Browser v9.4.2 and Jetpack v3.0. Here’s the skinny:

Dolphin Browser for Android v9.4.2
Dolphin Browser is faster than ever and now supports three new search engine options: DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Yahoo JP. Change your default search engine by going to Menu > More > Settings > Search Engine.

Here’s the full list of what’s new in this update:

  1. Better support for Dolphin Jetpack 3.0 (see below)
  2. Now supports additional search engine options (Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo JP) for different countries.
  3. Improved stability

Update to Dolphin v9.4.2

Jetpack v3.0
Dolphin Jetpack is an Add-on that provides extensive canvas/GPU/JavaScript performance enhancements and makes Dolphin Browser the highest performing HTML5 browser according to a the top benchmark tests.

The new stuff in this update includes:

  1. The APK has gone from 13MB to 5.6MB, so it takes up less space on your phone.
  2. Optimization of web page loading time.
  3. Auto-enlarging of main content of an article or blog so you don’t have to enlarge it manually.
  4. In desktop mode, you can now double tap to auto-fit the screen to the site content.
  5. Bug fixes and improved stability make for a smoother browsing experience.

Update to Jetpack 3.0

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