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Dolphin Browser Spotlight: An MBA Student’s Companion – Paul Martello

Hi Dolphin Fans!

This week we bring you yet another Dolphin user to share his experience in how he uses Dolphin Browser in MBA school and his personal and work life. This time round, we have a former musician, model and current Pepperdine University MBA student from Los Angeles.

Name: Paul Martello
Location: Los Angeles, California
If his smartphone had a name, it would be: Mr Awesome

One of Paul’s biggest challenge in MBA school is constantly having to produce excellent and well thought out work which requires a lot of research and learning. By using Dolphin’s Tab Switcher Add-on, he is able to get faster access to information through the tabs in this Add-on. With the ability to toggle between screens, it makes the information he is searching for more easily accessible across multiple websites.

Paul also uses the Tab Switcher Add-on for personal reasons to check important things on the fly. Especially so in LA, to check on traffic updates to navigate through its infamous bad traffic – he has SigAlert saved as a main menu book mark.

With a successful musician and modelling background behind, Paul is also a marketing consultant while attending MBA school. To juggle a career and school, he uses the Dolphin Bookmark Add-on to organize his information needed for discussions in class and in daily life.

As a firm believer that life requires social media connections regardless pf time and place, from the gym to business networking, he uses Dolphin Browser for all his social media needs because it’s faster than the Facebook App itself.

Work and school aside, Paul plays bass guitar and drums. He is also an avid tennis player, goes to the beach in Malibu often and hikes at least once a week. When we asked which country he would most love to visit, Paul said Tahiti. His method of preparation for the trip is by using Dolphin Browser to pull up new pics everyday to set as his screen background

 Fun User Spotlight Fact:  Paul can text message without having to look at the screen.

We think that Paul is totally a well rounded kinda guy!

– Team Dolphin

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