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Dolphin Browser Spotlight: A Japanese PR Professional's Best Friend – Natsuko Hirano

Hello Dolphin Fans!

This week, we are featuring Natsuko Hirano, a PR and Communication Specialist from Tokyo — a city which boasts over 13 million residents, over 500 train station stops, the most expensive hotel and restaurant in the world, including one that dates back to 1801!

In this spotlight, she shares with us tips on how she uses Dolphin Browser to help her with work.

Name: Natsuko Hirano
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Smartphone Feature most needed: One that can remind her of things she may have forgotten as she steps out the door.

As a Communications Specialist for Alien Eye, a marketing strategy boutique firm — one of Natsuko’s biggest challenge in her career is keeping up with all media information across platforms. 

She analyzes the media by using Dolphin bookmark Add-on and Speed dial Add-on to understand the kind of features/articles there are out there  on a daily basis. Another key part of her work is analyzing the reactions of the audience and community towards the  daily news and media highlights.

To do this effectively across different sites, Natsuko uses the Tab switcher Add-on to compare and contrast the content from different media sites. This helps her analyze the different approaches each media outlets take towards different audiences.

When she has to read news articles in a darkened room, Natsuko uses Dolphin Brightness Add-on to help  with the light contrast so it’s easier on her eyes.

Work aside, when we asked which superhero she would like to be, Natsuko immediately said Doraemon. While he may not be a superhero in the conventional sense, this cartoon gadget cat from the future has a magic pocket with tons of tools — from a door that can take you anywhere, a light that can shrink or enlarge you and even a time machine! 

Fun User Spotlight Fact: When she’s not at work, Natsuko loves hosting parties in her house.

User Spotlight Share: Natsuko is bilingual (English/Japanese) and she’d like to teach us a word in Japanese which has no english translation.

Word:  Otsukaresama (おつかれさま) “Ott-Sue-Car-Ess-Amah”

Definition: Often used to greet family members back from work or co-workers or at the end of the work day when you leave the office. It’s used as gratitude towards work. Similar to “well done” or “good work” with a deep thankful meaning to it.

We think Natsuko is totally cool!

– Team Dolphin

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