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Dolphin Browser Mini (Beta) Now in the Marketplace

Dolphin Browser Mini users can now download the app from the Android market to start enjoying fast browsing experience. Nearly ten thousand users get familiar with Dolphin Browser Mini already, maybe I still need to introduce it for some potential users.

Dolphin Browser Mini is a brand new version developed by Dolphin Browser Team, which is aiming at providing a faster user experience for you. Same with Dolphin Browser Original, it is built on Android 1.6 engine. Dolphin Browser Mini will win all the other browsers with its High speed responsibility. You can treat it as the mini version of Dolphin Browser HD and the upgrade version of Dolphin Browser.

Key Highlights:

  • Speed through the web
  • Browse with ease
  • New fresh UI
  • Speed Dial Homepage
  • Infinite tabs browsing
  • Innovative Menu design
  • Powerful tool box
  • Gesture command

Dolphin Browser HD, a high-weight browser with powerful functions, meets you advanced needs. But like a lot of Android apps it’s not available on devices running older versions of the OS. If you’re running on Android 2.0- or the performance of your cellphone is not that good, there’s a new browser which brings a much-improved Web experience for you to choose.

So it is easy to come out a thought that What are the differences between Dolphin 3 browsers. The form below will be well illustrated.

Of course, some features will be changed. But currently you can get a clear classification in accordance with this form. So back to the point, Dolphin Browser Mini beta version is now on market place now. Get your phone ready and download it. Let us know how it works for you. We will soon bring you perfect V1.0. 🙂

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