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Dolphin Browser HD v5.1.1 Beta Brings You A More Stable Browsing Experience

Today we release Dolphin Browser HD v5.1.1 beta on our blog. Dolphin Browser HD v5.1.1 beta aims at providing you a more stable browsing experience.

This minor update includes stability and bug fixes. We sincerely recommend this optimized version to all our loyal Dolphin Browser HD v5.1 users.

Bugs fixed in Dolphin Browser HD v5.1.1 beta:

  • Fixed crash problem on Asus Transformer & Xoom when selecting batch mode to delete multiple bookmarks at once
  • Fixed Google image issue: When doing a google search and clicking on the “images” tab, then choosing an image the address bar slips in from the top of the screen causing a jittering effect as it slowly slides down.
  • Fixed some other random crashes according to the crash log you sent to us.

Although it is a bug fixed version for v5.1.0, there might be some other bugs we don’t find or haven’t fixed. Hope you could continue sending your feedback to support@dolphin-browser.com, giving us more clues to make Dolphin Browser HD better.

P.S.: Dolphin Browser HD v6.0 private beta users can keep on sending your feedback to beta@dolphin-browser.com. Thanks very much!

To download this more stable version, please click the QR code below:

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