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Dolphin Browser HD V4.2 Out Of Beta, Live In Android Market

In our efforts to bring you a better and stabler browser, we’re excited to announce that Dolphin Browser HD v4.2 is now live in Android Market! In this version, we optimized our code for future update and fixed some JavaScript related bugs. You can check the post for V4.2 beta version to get know what other things we have done in this version. Android 2.3 is officially launched for holidays and so does Dolphin Browser Team. But what will we bring out? leave for imagination.

Additionally, after you get this new version installed on your phone, if you get force close message on Android 2.3, please report to us as soon as you can. We will do our duty and try to fix the issue for you as fast as we can.

Next, get Dolphin Browser HD v4.2 from Android Market or download it by scanning the ORcode below. Bad or good, please let us know.

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