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Dolphin Browser Beta is the First Browser to Pass Ringmark’s Ring 1. Get it from Google Play now.

Two big announcements today, both of which we’re really excited about:

1) Today we launched Dolphin Browser Beta on the Google Play Store.
2) Dolphin Browser Beta is the first and only mobile browser to make it to Ring 2 on Ringmark, a mobile browser test suite.

Can’t wait? Download Dolphin Browser Beta Now! 

Dolphin Browser Beta is our pre-release build, which includes our very own Dolphin Engine. After scoring highest among mobile browsers on HTML5test.com, we have now baked in additional canvas enhancement and behind-the-scenes technology, making Dolphin Browser Beta is the highest performing HTML5 browser available. These improvements, along with the functionalities Dolphin Browser already had, have resulted in Dolphin Browser Beta passing onto Ringmark Ring 2. Oh, and we’re the first mobile browser to do that!

What is Ringmark?

Developed by Facebook, Ringmark (http://rng.io/) is comprised of a series of 400+ tests, grouped by Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) specifications, which are used to gauge a mobile browser’s core functionality. The Rings are based on the specs defined by Core Mobile Web Platform, a W3C Community Group (http://coremob.org).

The more Rings passed, the better a mobile browser supports Web Apps. This means you can use all your favorite apps, games and functionalities at the highest speed possible! Dolphin, an active member of the W3C, is leading mobile browser innovation within this community of innovators and leaders who define the Web.

Ring Breakdown: 

Ring 0: Base functionality that most smartphones have today.
Ring 1: Functionality needed to unlock the most common apps that developers want to build, including 2D games, music and video apps, and camera apps.
Ring 2: Features that will unlock the next generation of mobile Web apps, based on developer necessity. For example, we expect Ring 2 to include upcoming technology like WebRTC and WebGL.

But don’t take our work for it, see Dolphin in action.

In the past months, many of you have given us valuable feedback, helped us complete six private beta versions, and brought us to our latest public beta. Here are some of the key enhancements:

  • Improved HTML5 canvas support and video compatibility
  • Supports HTML5 games. Try out a couple of our favorites games right from Hot Games on the Speed Dial page: X-type and NUTMEG.
  • Fully supported on Android 4.1 devices and works like a charm on Android 2.3 + devices

For the super techies:

Compared with stock browser, we have made substantial improvements in the following areas to pass Ring 1.

  • Border-image support
  • HTML5 forms support
  • Blob support
  • History support
  • WebRTC (WebCamera) support (partially)
  • Web Workers support
  • XMLHttpRequest2 support
  • IndexdDB support

So try it out for yourself. Download the Dolphin Browser Beta on Google Play and then go to www.rng.io to test out Dolphin.

Please send us any suggestions in the comments below, on Google Play or at support@dolphin-browser.com. And of course, we can’t make this happen without your feedback.

Team Dolphin

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