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Dolphin Browser Beta Fun, Fast and and now Supports Google Nexus 7

ATTN Android users!
Dolphin Browser Beta v1.0.7 is now out on Google Play Store. This update is focused on improving HTML5 game support, compatibility with Nexus 7 and overall browser stability.

Go on, try it out and download now!

In previous betas, we’ve showcased  a couple of games (X-type and Nutmeg) in our Hot Games section. In this update, we’ve picked up another game: Lunch Bug, a free HTML5 strategy game. In this game, unlike popular game Plants v.s. Zombies, this game encourages you to let the bugs eat plants. Play it on Dolphin Browser Beta now and help feed those hungry little bugs!

Not only is Dolphin Beta more fun, but we have also suped it up so that it fully supports Android 4.1+ devices so try it out and let us know what you think.

Get Dolphin Browser Beta.

As always, we want to know what you think.

We really appreciate your feedback on previous betas and you have been instrumental in helping us improve the browser’s stability and performance.

If you find any bug or want to share your suggestion please send your reports and emails to support@dolphin-browser.com.

Team Dolphin

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