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Dolphin Bookmarks Extension Debuts in Chrome Web Store

UPDATE: Thanks for your support, Dolphin fans! Dolphin Connect extension is availabe again. In the new update, you can not only sync bookmarks and tabs between your desktop and mobile again, but also send webpages/ directions/photos/phone numbers from your desktop to mobile. Download Dolphin Connect extension for ChromeFirefoxSafari.

Today we are excited to launch our first Chrome extension – Dolphin Bookmarks.

Sync your Dolphin Bookmarks across all your devices and now on your desktop. Dolphin Bookmarks is an extension for the Chrome Desktop Browser that will use our cloud service, Dolphin Connect, to transfer your Dolphin bookmarks to Chrome and vice versa. Now its even easier to remember that cool website or wait to watch a video on the large screen.

Where to start:

Well, if you don’t already have Dolphin Connect this is a good place. Sign up so you can sync your Dolphin Bookmarks to the cloud.

  • Android phone and iPhone:
    • Swipe left to Bookmarks bar
    • Click on star (with circle) symbol at top bar.
    • Sign up for Dolphin Connect
  • iPad:
    • Click cog wheel symbol at top right to go into settings
    • Click Dolphin Account Settings
    • Sign up for Dolphin Connect

What next?

  • Download the Dolphin Bookmarks extension on your Chrome Browser here
  • Click on Dolphin icon to the right of the URL bar to start sync.
  • You can login with your Facebook, Google or Dolphin Connect account

What can I sync?

  • Dolphin Bookmarks (from Android and iOS) onto Chrome Browser
  • Both Dolphin Bookmarks onto Chrome, and Chrome Bookmarks on Dolphin mobile device

Is this what you have been asking for? Have suggestions about Dolphin Connect? Please help us make a better product by understanding how you tick. Help us out and fill out this survey here!

You can also send general suggestions, feature requests, pesky bugs or innovative ideas to support@dolphin-browser.com.

Team Dolphin

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