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Does Your Browser Combat Irritating Pop-up Ads for You?

“These pop-ups are truly annoying, as some consume the entire screen and even block the back button, in addition to keep redirecting users when they try to close them. Frequently, users have only one recourse: restart the browser or app – and even then, the ads may reappear.”


So, does the circumstances above sound familiar to you? In other words, have you ever got indignant by these ads?

Nowadays, various internet browsers claim that they are equipped with advanced Adblock functions to repel those random pop-up ads for their users efficiently. However, since the pop-up ads problems persist, hence, you must choose your browsers accordingly. Currently, the majority of pop-up ads are Javascript applications which systematically open a new webpage which obstructs you from viewing your current view. Besides, it is acknowledged that some of these pop-up ads contain malicious viruses or misleading information; more importantly, it is precedented that some pop-up ads will direct users to phishing websites where their data may expose and eventually withhold by others.

Overall, the nature of combating annoying pop-up ads revolves around the effectiveness of the Adblock functions supplied by internet browsers. Dolphin browser is on the frontline of neutralizing the effect of pop-up ads emerged on the internet. Users are able to install Dolphin’s Adblock addon in order to reject pop-up ads and purify the environment. Dolphin browser so far has reached millions of downloads and is acclaimed by various users worldwide. Beside the Adblock addon, by utilizing the Dolphin browser, users are also able to:

  • Enjoy fast speed browsing and downloading.
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High speed browsing and downloading.

  • Be protected under Dolphin’s security features.
Image result for cyber security icon

Secure browsing environment

  • Navigate the internet with gestures and voice commands.
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– Voice Commands

  • Anonymous browsing.
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  • Personalize searches.


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Personalized searches


More features to be discovered by you.

Whenever, wherever you are encountering pop-up ads issue, Dolphin is always here to help.




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