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Best Tech To Add to Your Holiday Wish List

It’s time to start thinking about your holiday wish list. Don’t forget these tech must-haves!

It’s time to start thinking about your holiday wish list. Don’t forget these tech must-haves!

You’re the early-planning device nerd who’s first in line to hand off your high-tech list to Santa (good job!), but to be fair, it’s an electronic jungle out there, and it can be tough to know what the best of the best is sometimes… Lucky for you, we’ve cut through the clutter to pin down ten awesome tech gifts that absolutely belong on your holiday wish list this year!


  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is an Android-powered multitasking master that includes a sleek S Pen stylus, and features ultra-fast wireless charging when paired with a matching wireless charging pad. The Galaxy Note 5 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get some serious work done on the go, and our choice for one of the coolest phones to release this year!

  1. Speck Cases

Whether you’re interested in a brand-new smartphone, or are already a proud owner of a fantastic device, we suggest that you protect your mobile investment with a rugged Speck Case. Not only does Speck have a specially made case for most popular devices, they’re available in a rainbow of stylish colors. The hardest part of adding a Speck Case to your wish list might be picking out your favorite design!

  1. Insteon Starter Kit

If you’ve wanted to start transforming your analog home into a modern “smart home”, there’s no simpler way to begin than with the Insteon Starter Kit. The core kit comes with everything you need to control the lights, monitor your home with a Wi-Fi camera, set the thermostat, and beyond with the Insteon app on your smartphone. We’re especially impressed with the Insteon system’s modular design, because it’s extremely easy to add handy expansion packs (water leak sensors, motion sensors, etc.) for additional home control options.

Sphero + Packaging

  1. Sphero

Even though drones have spiked in popularity over the past few years, most of these mini-robots are still fairly expensive, and can be tough to pilot for newcomers. It’s a good thing that we have Sphero! These adorable rolling spheres are controlled via a smart app on your phone, turn on a dime, and are a blast to drive around the house. If you want the coolest Sphero available, go out of your way to find the BB-8 model, which is based on the new orange droid who will make its debut in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”!

  1. Timberland Touchscreen Gloves

It doesn’t matter if you’re racing your brand-new drone, or surfing with Dolphin on the latest smartphone – Frostbitten fingers make all tech gifts less fun! Fight the cold in style with a pair of Timberland Touchscreen gloves that will allow you to interact with all of your favorite touchscreen devices without exposing your hands to the elements. See? You don’t need to spend an arm or a leg to have the latest wearable technology!


  1. Marsboy Nice 2

Our choice in the “So weird, it’s great!” category are the Marsboy Nice 2 headphones, because it is a headset that sits around the back of your skull, and conducts music directly through your ear bones. This odd configuration allows you to enjoy your music without blocking off the ambient sound around you, making it a safer and geekier choice for urban joggers. Yes, the concept sounds like something from a mad scientist’s secret lab, but not only does it work, it is an affordable solution for anyone that hates plugging their ears with traditional headsets!


  1. Samsung Gear VR

If you know someone with a Samsung Galaxy 6 or S6 Edge, it would be a shame not to introduce them to the Samsung Gear VR. Simply secure a phone into the VR headset, and the Galaxy becomes the engine that powers a relatively inexpensive gateway into the rapidly expanding universe of virtual reality devices. In addition to getting a brand-new look at all of your favorite mobile apps, movies, and games, there’s plenty more jaw-dropping, in-your-face content to explore in the Oculus VR app store.

  1. FitStar Yoga

If you’re having a tough time deciding on which new devices you want to play with this holiday, why not choose something that will improve your body? FitStar’s Yoga program is a digital fitness instructor that is tailor made for the user, and is designed to make getting into a regular yoga regiment easier than ever. Our suggestion? Download the FitStar Yoga app, get hooked on the free once-a-week training sessions, and then ask for a gift subscription so you can contort yourself to your heart’s content all year long!


  1. WoodPuck Charging Platform

Despite what the commercials portray, you don’t need the latest phone model to enjoy wireless charging platform! Take the WoodPuck from Fonesalesman for example: All you need is an iQi Mobile wireless charging receiver for your phone, and then you can just place your upgraded smartphone onto the tastefully modern wooden disc to effortless charge your device without those pesky wires. The fact that the WoodPuck is available in several classy designs is icing on the cake!

  1. iRobot Scooba

Everyone’s heard of iRobot’s iconic Roomba, but let us introduce you to its floor-scrubbing cousin: Scooba. It sweeps, scrubs, and squeegees up to 300 feet of hard floors at a time, and it removes 99.3% of bacteria too! If you can get a Scooba under the tree this year, not only will you have a shiny little robot mopping the house when the party’s over, it’ll feel like you live in a galaxy far, far away!

As always, we’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest technology to make your day a little brighter, so take it from Dolphin and enjoy these top tier holiday tech goodies!

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