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Any Feedbacks to Dolphin Browser Mini V1.1 Beta?

We will soon release an update version of Dolphin Browser Mini. In version 1.1 beta, we have improve the browsing experience of our app with many subtle variation.

Let me fill you in:

  • Add option for “Default Zoom”
  • Add option for “Enable Location”
  • Add “switch account” option in Google Bookmarks sync entry
  • Add entry of “Most Visited” when you add speed dial

In this minor update, we adjust the interface and add some features you required most during previous days. Again, pls give us your valuable feedback. No matter what you request, what you complain about, which part you like, you can still drop an email to us and let me know what went well and what need to improve. Or you think email is too tiring, leave a message or comment on Facebook, twitter, or just here, fine, we will give our reply as soon as we can. Thanks again for your continuing support.

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