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An Easier Way to Start Browsing

So, let’s talk about how we are usually surfing the internet on the browser.

Generally, the process breakdown of the majority of people are: firstly, tap and open the browser app; secondly, type in the website address, and thirdly, tap “Go” button on the keyboard.

Some people may feel the process mentioned above a bit time-consuming, and they want to simplify the process and make the browsing faster.

Dolphin browser‘s gesture drawing and gesture navigation features are now able to simplify the process and eventually save your time!

According to the gesture drawing and gesture navigation, users can save and customize their gesture commands.

When users open the dolphin browser, draw the gestures they customized, the gesture navigation system will direct the users to the website they wanted to browse.

Download now, and enjoy the fast gesture navigation feature!

Gesture Drawing & Navigation

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