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Add-on Digest: Google Services

Perfect for those who use a lot of Google’s free suite of services. With a single sign in Google Services Add-on allows you to access all your Google based information in one neatly organized space.

This is truly a time saver of an app — You don’t have to go through the hassle of going from one browser tab to another. Google Services are displayed within one tab. All you have to to is pick the service you want and the app launches within the same window.

L-R 1) Swipe towards left of Dolphin Browser

2) click on jigsaw puzzle image, search for Google Services.

3) You can rearrange list order by holding on to icons on right side and slide them to the order you prefer.

L-R Use the Google search function, have a look at the apps and take a look at the notifications you have received on G+

The list of available Google services products through the app and calendar view within the browser — All this while remaining within the same browser tab for optimum speed and productivity.

List of Google services available on Dolphin Browser Add-on

  • Google Search
  • Gmail
  • Google Maps
  • G-Talk
  • Google News
  • iGoogle
  • Photos
  • YouTube
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Voice
  • Google Reader
  • Google Earth (requires additional download)
  • Book Search
  • G-Docs
  • Google Notebook
  • Blogger
  • Tasks
  • Google Bookmark
  • Google Image search
  • Google Catalogs
  • Google Labs
  • Google 411

Note that while these services are accessible, individual cell phone carrier rates for data/minutes still apply.

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