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Add-on Digest: Dolphin Tweet

Share the content you are reading through Dolphin Tweet Add-on.  Just a swipe and a tap and your content will be shared through your Twitter network.

Download Dolphin Tweet for your Dolphin Browser and share your information with the world. It’s simple, fast and easy to use — the hallmark of all Dolphin products.

L-R Step One: Swipe towards your left on Dolphin browser for mobile

Step Two: Locate Dolphin Tweet Add-on and Download.

Step Three: Read content and decide if you want to share it.

Step Four: If you do, swipe towards left of screen and locate Dolphin Tweet button – in red box.

Step Five: Proceed to Tweet!


  • Tweet your current webpage to twitter with a bit.ly URL shortener.
  • Must be used with Dolphin Browser HD


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