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Add-on Digest: Dolphin Reader

Introducing an interference-free reading environment through Dolphin Reader. It provides you with a de-cluttered view of content that’s free of ads and other visual distractions.

This add-on also increases the page load speed plus it’s great for getting directly to the content that you want without having to wade through a whole load of other unrelated information.

Download Dolphin Reader for Android here

Step One: Swipe towards left of screen and click on jigsaw puzzle icon to to locate add-ons

Step Two: Select Dolphin reader add-on

Left — Regular view mode

Right — With Dolphin Reader

Add-on mode: Select from the different contrasts options to suit your reading environment and style.

L-R Normal Mode, Night Mode and Olive Mode



  • This add-on Must be used with “Dolphin Browser HD”.
  • Three different reading modes to choose from to bring you a better reading experience. — Normal, Night Mode and Olive.
  • Provides you with a distraction-free online reading environment.
  • Free of banner ads and other visual distractions.


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