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Add-on Digest: Desktop Toggle

This nifty Dolphin Desktop Toggle Add-on allows you to switch between desktop and mobile views of a website.

You’re probably thinking “why would I care to do that?” — well, it’s simple. Some sites look better and is easier to navigate in a mobile view and some sites are better and easier to navigate via a desktop view.

To get the Desktop Toggle Add-on, swipe towards the left on your Dolphin browser and touch on the “Settings” wheel on the top right corner. Touch on the “Get more Add-ons” tab and the top and you can scroll through till you find the Dolphin Desktop Toggle Add-on.


There are some sites that look pretty much the same on desktop or mobile mode such as Amazon.com and Facebook.

However, when we looked at certain transactional based and content sites, the results were very different in terms of display and navigation.


Here is an example of cars.com, a site that helps you find new and used cars. The desktop view was pretty daunting requiring many steps and input on a small and fiddly mobile screen.

Desktop view:

The mobile view however was great. It immediately gets to the transaction by asking you 3 main things: New, Used or Certified — exactly what we needed right out of the gate. It cut totally down all the input steps of Make, Model, Maximum price etc.

Here is the mobile view example:






When we took a look at content-based sites, we found that the opposite was true. For example, the leading U.K based news site, bbc.co.uk — we actually prefer the desktop view.

On the left is what the desktop view looks like:

It provides lots of links, options and more image driven for navigation.

Here is what the mobile layout and version looks like. A little more plain and headline driven.










Of course one could say that it’s totally a matter of preference. In this instance, we happen to prefer the desktop view of BBC’s site. Dolphin Desktop Toggle allows you the freedom of choice between the two views. Who says you can’t have it all?

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