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Company FAQ

What is MoboTap?

MoboTap is a mobile technology developer that is committed to advancing the mobile revolution by improving the way people experience the web through their mobile devices. Founded and led by an international team of proven engineers and entrepreneurs and backed by leading venture capitalist firm Sequoia Capital, MoboTap has begun this revolution with the launch of Dolphin Browser, a free web-browser specifically optimized for mobile users.

When was MoboTap founded?

MoboTap founded in March 2010.

What are MoboTap’s products?

MoboTap’s product line-up includes Dolphin Browser and Dolphin Add-ons.

What are MoboTap’s competitive advantages?

MoboTap is dedicated to offering a better browsing experience on all mobile devices. As a highly innovative company, MoboTap stays on top of the mobile revolution by bringing clever ways of browsing to over 12 million users internationally. Dolphin Browser, the first and only gesture-based mobile browser, offers a unique way to navigate the mobile web. With full Add-on support and editorial style content, Dolphin gives users an abundance of choices to achieve the best browsing experience.

How many people are using Dolphin Browser?

Today, more than 80 million people are using Dolphin Browser.