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A special gift for you on Cyber Monday!

Happy Cyber Monday to you all! We at team Dolphin want to kick start the advent season with a gift to all our users.

Strikingly is introducing their brand new One Click Website today. The idea is to turn your Facebook profile into a personalized website in a matter of seconds. Optimized for mobile, of course.

Team Dolphin is excited! We simply love this product. And we love our users. That is why we want to give it to all our users today. Everyone should have their own website. But up until now, it has simply required too much effort. The One Click Website is a total game changer. Now you can use your smartphone to create a beautiful website with just one tap.

Today only, you will find this gift offer on your Dolphin homescreen. Tap it. Hit Connect to Facebook. And… you’re done!

Check it out, we hope you’ll like it!

This gift is valued at $19. But on Cyber Monday, Dolphin users can create their websites for free 🙂


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