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A Girl's Best Friend for Christmas. Dolphin eBay Search.

Get all your Christmas shopping done from wherever you are. There is no better time to use this add-on than now. With the upcoming Christmas shopping frenzy, this is one way the Dolphin Browser can help you shop smart and effectively.

The eBay Search Add-on is a direct way for you to search through listings of products based on your keyword searches.

Here is a screen shot of the interface of the eBay Search Add-on. You can select a view either through opening the search results in a new tab or within the current tab.


I ran a search through the Add-on for an “ipod touch” and it showed me listings of 205,630 items for sale.

This Add-on pretty much acts like a miniature version of what you would see on a computer screen — except that this is cooler because you are shopping on the go!


  • Save your search query as a whole eg. “ipod touch”
  • Show the item as a preview with a list of all the crucial elements — Main image, time, price, quantity, shipping cost, item location, condition, payment method, item number and seller name.
  • Show the item with full description.
  • Buy the item immediately (if it is a Buy Now listing)
  • Add it to your “watched” items list or “unwatch” the item.
  • View sellers info.
  • View sellers other items.
  • View similar items.

This is THE Add-on to have if you would like to do some efficient shopping and gift giving this Christmas — plus you won’t have to jostle with the crowds at retail to find what you want!

Happy shopping Dolphin fans!

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