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9 Ways to Streamline Your Dolphin Browser

Your priorities change and evolve. Your browsing experience should too!


Dolphin Browser has a plethora of options to make your site surfing even better!

Maybe you’re traveling and you need to conserve your data plan. Or perhaps you just want a speedier mobile browsing experience. Well, we’ve got some good news for you: Dolphin Browser has a plethora of options to make your site surfing even better!

Here are 9 ways you can streamline your Dolphin Browser experience.

1. Auto-Sync Your Dolphin Browser Info

Syncing your browser preferences and bookmarks across all the browsers that you use ensures that you’re always ready – even when on the go!

To auto-sync, follow these simple steps: tap the dolphin icon > settings > Sign into your Dolphin Connect profile > Auto sync (must be connected to Wi-Fi) > toggle on

Note that your Dolphin and Chrome bookmarks will only sync when you have access to Wi-Fi.

Note that your Dolphin and Chrome bookmarks will only sync when you have access to Wi-Fi.

2. Disable Background Services

Background services enable you to launch Dolphin instantly when you receive a message from devices connected through Dolphin Connect, even when Dolphin Browser is closed. This can be super useful, but if you want to browse mean and lean, you may want to turn it off in the settings.

When you’ll want this off: to use less RAM and resources.
When you’ll want this on: to use Dolphin Connect to send articles between devices.

Here’s where to find this option: go to the Dolphin icon > settings > your Dolphin Connect profile > disable background service.

3. Set Flash Player to Open on Demand

When you set Flash Player to “on demand” you’ll have less processes running in the background. You’ll only use those precious bytes when you’re ready to sit back and watch hours of funny cat videos.

How to make Flash Player open on demand: Dolphin icon > settings > place Flash Player to “on demand.”


4. Keep Your Dolphin Browser Trim and Fast by Clearing Your Cookies and History

Dolphin Browser is like an extension of yourself: if you have multiple to do lists, pending items, or thoughts about the past clouding up your brain, it can be tough to focus on what you’re doing.

To save RAM and give your browser another edge, personalize it to delete your browsing history, cookies, and any data you don’t necessarily need every time you tap it open.

You might have to put in a password or two each time, but you’ll be free to zip through the process.

Go to the settings > clear data > Browsing History, Cache and Site Data, Cookies, etc.


You can even take it a step further by setting it up to automatically clear data when exiting!


5. Download Files Only When Connected to Wi-Fi

Downloading files can really bog down your phone (not to mention eat up your data). You can set your browser to only download new files when you’re connected to Wi-Fi and free up your phone and browser to focus on that funny video about dolphins you’re currently watching.

Go to settings > downloads > Download files on Wi-Fi only


6. Enable Smart Cache

When you enable Smart Cache, you tell Dolphin Browser to save important items that you access frequently so that your browser will quickly find them. Turn on this awesome feature and your frequently loaded sites will load much faster!

Here’s how: go to settings > Advanced > Smart Cache

(Keep in mind that you may have to make sure that your caches aren’t set up to delete automatically. To check that data isn’t set up to delete automatically, see number 4 above)

7. Increase Page Scroll Speed

You’re a Dolphin, so browsing should be smooth and fast — from page loading to page scroll speed.

How to change scroll speed: settings > advanced > page scrolling speed


8. Swipe Left to Turn Off Image Loading

Here’s a simple feature that let’s you disable image loading on a whim: all you need to do is swipe left to open the menu, then click “no image.” You’ll be able to browse through written content without worrying about using data to load images.  

Want to turn images back on? Swipe left again and tap “no image.”

9. Download and Activate AdBlocker

That moment when you’re catching up on the latest Android trends and all of a sudden you have to close 17 POP UPS. #HateThatMoment

Streamline your browsing by downloading the Dolphin Browser AdBlock Add-on in 4 easy steps.

  1. Tap this URL
  2. Tap to download AdBlock Add-on
  3. If you get a popup that says it can’t download tap “unknown sources”
  4. After install, swipe to the right side bar and toggle AdBlock to “on.”

We hope these tips help you customize and streamline your browsing process based on how you want to explore the web!
– Team Dolphin

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