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86% of Job Seekers Use Mobile To Search. Do You Do It Too?

Have you ever applied for a job through your smartphone? If you have not, here are some interesting information about those who have.

Did you know that 86% of job seekers with a smartphone use it in one way or another during their job search process, out of which:

  • 65% use it to search for positions.
  • 55% would receive alerts.
  • 47% actually apply to jobs from their phone.
  • 45% would track their application status

What’s interesting to note is while most job seekers love the fact that job hunting can be done from anywhere and anytime, the main challenges documented are: 

1) 50% of said that career sites are not optimized for mobile.
2) 53% of said that it’s difficult to do multiple tasks.

We ran a quick search through the Google Play App Store for “job seeking app” and the results were pretty surprising — all the apps listed had very few downloads. The one with the most downloads was indeed.com with just over 12,700 downloads. Considering the amount of job seekers and smartphones in the market, that is a pretty dismal number of app downloads.

Ironically, Dice.com, a technical recruiting website ranked the lowest at number 10. You would think that most techies would be doing most of their job hunting and application through the mobile — But apparently not.

Someone or a company needs to create and launch an all-encompassing mobile app that searches through all job databases across the country. Think Facebook and LinkedIn combined — Instead of searching for people, you search jobs and you apply with your LinkedIn profile.

If you were looking for a job, would you use such an app?

Full infographic from JIBE

Image from ApartmentTherapy 

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