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8 Tips for a Longer Android Battery Life


Check out these tips for extending your Android battery life. Happy phone = happy you!

Tired of complaining about how your well-loved Android’s battery life seems to be getting shorter, and how the device is noticeably slower than when you bought it last year? Before you start researching the latest models, check out these choice tips in our cheat sheet to boost your battery and maximize your current Android experience:

Tip 1: Hunting Battery Hogs

Some apps are essential to your Android experience, while others are simply bloated battery hogs. Hunt for the hogs on your smartphone by selecting “Battery” from the “Settings” menu to see which ones are draining the most energy. Ask yourself “Do I really need this app on my phone?”, look for efficient alternatives, and uninstall the most wasteful and underused apps to free up essential resources.

Tip 2: Is Android Running Too Many Apps?

Your smartphone is a multitasking beast, but even Androids can have trouble keeping up when there are too many apps running in the background. Take a peek behind the curtain by selecting the “Running” menu found under “Settings” and “Apps”, and remove any resource-sapping apps that you don’t frequently use.

Tip 3: Adjust The Brightness

At first glance, it might seem like the brightness options aren’t a big deal, but setting the brightness to the lowest comfortable usage setting can extend the battery life of your Android by hours. Unless you’re frequently moving between bright and dark areas, we also recommend turning off the automatic brightness feature to keep your device’s light sensors from using extra power. At night or in dark places – utilize Dolphin’s night mode to make it easy on both your eyes and battery life!

Tip 4: Less Multimedia = More Charge

Yes, the settings and apps on your Android phone need to be tweaked to preserve power, but if you’re really serious about hoarding electricity, it’s time to monitor how you use your device. Gaming, listening to music, and watching videos are a major strain on the battery, so keep the fun to a minimum when you need bonus battery life!

Tip 5: Lose Live Wallpaper & Get Out Of Sync

Live wallpapers are cool, and it sets your Android apart from other devices, but if you’re looking to squeeze all the juice that you can from your smartphone, turn live wallpapers off to save up to 2% per charge. Delete unessential widgets, and investigate the sync settings on your device to ensure that your phone isn’t wasting energy by backing up data that you don’t care about to preserve even more mobile energy.

Tip 6: Check Updates

Never ignore a new update for your Android! Not only do Google’s official updates include new features and the latest yummy-sounding operating systems, but they also include performance boosting behind-the-scenes code and fixes to bugs found in the previous version. Remember those core apps that you kept after purging the losers? Check to see if they are missing any essential updates for all the same reasons you would update your phone. Every little bit helps!

Tip 7: Basic Android Battery Life Maintenance

No matter how much you baby your beloved Android, its battery wasn’t made to last forever! You can still keep its battery going stronger for longer by keeping it away from extreme temperatures, and by not allowing the device to completely run out of charge as much as possible. If you’re doing everything on this list, and your device’s charge still isn’t what it used to be, it may be time to buy a new battery…

Tip 8: A Battery Case, Just In Case!

If you just can’t part with those spare apps, Candy Crush has its colorful grip on your mobile gaming, and YouTube is your BFF, we suggest investing in an extended battery case. Not only will you be protecting your smartphone, you’ll have a super-battery that will kick in when your Android’s internal battery gets tired.

Unless you’re an all-day, non-stop Android user, then the above tips should get your favorite smartphone up and running almost like new! Happy browsing!

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