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8 Mobile Predictions for 2012

Here we are at the start of a brand new year and according to the mobile trends — there is no better time to be in the mobile industry than now.

Here’s are the top 8 mobile predictions for 2012.

1. Mobile Advertising

– While it may be nothing new conceptually, mobile advertising has never really taken off. However, now that smartphones have gone mainstream with 65% of mobile subscribers in the US owning one, this reality may finally come true.

2. Location Based Services (LBS)

– According to Gartner’s predictions, LBS is #1 on its top 10 list of mobile growth trends to watch. And if mobile advertising is set to explode, then LBS would be the natural cause or effect of that.

3. Near Field Communication (NFC)

– The introduction of Google Wallet and Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile’s joint venture digital wallet program called Isis will spur the adoption of mobile payments. This development will ensure handset manufacturers will outfit phones with NFC capability as a standard feature and eliminate the need for QR codes.

4. Android Will Be the Market Leader over iOS

It makes sense when Android is comprised of many companies while Apple is one entity. In the coming months Android will start to overtake Apple in app downloads.

5. Resarch In Motion (RIM) Will No Longer Exist

The recent missteps and late reactions to competition will cause the troubled company to be bought out for its patents and its CEOs will get the boot. Some have hinted that Amazon will purchase it.

6. Mobile Security

With more apps appearing and downloads soaring, mobile malware will become prevalent. Consumers will start taking mobile security more seriously and will start treating the mobile phone more like a computer.

7. Mobile Artificial Intelligence

– The development of mobile artificial intelligence will continue to grow in popularity as we see “Siri” clones emerge from Android and Windows.

8. Tablets Continue Its Popularity

If the sales of the Amazon Kindle is of any indication, tablets will continue its proliferation into mainstream.

It will be exciting to see what 2012’s mobile crystal ball will continue to reveal to us.

Sources: Gartner, Forbes, Mobilemarketer, Venturebeat.

Image courtesy of Marketingland

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