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7 Tips to Organize Your Dolphin Browser Experience


Tidy up your Dolphin Browser with these easy tips!

With everything you can do with the internet these days, it’s understandable if your Dolphin Browser is littered with random bookmarks and loads of speed dials. Don’t fret! Here are 7 ways that you can organize your Dolphin Browser for the most streamlined experience

Organize_011. START HERE: Set Up Dolphin Browser Connect

Dolphin Browser Connect is basically the cloud for your bookmarks. Sync between multiple devices quickly and securely. Signing in to the Dolphin Connect service will help make sure all your bookmarks are collectively tidied up across all your devices.

STEP 1: Sign in to Dolphin Connect on your device. You can do this by:

-Open Dolphin Browser and tap the Dolphin icon in the menu bar.
-Tap “Settings” and then “Sign in Dolphin Connect.”
-Log in to an existing Dolphin Connect account or sign up for a new one.
-You can also sign in to Dolphin Connect via the top of the left sidebar.

Direct route to magnificent bookmarks– established!

STEP 2: Next, add the Dolphin Connect Chrome Extension to your desktop browser. With the Dolphin Connect desktop browser add-on, you can sync tabs and bookmarks, send web pages and more directly to your mobile devices. Sign in to your Dolphin Connect account and you’re ready to go! Extensions are also available for Firefox and Safari.


Organize_03Organize_022. How to Add and Remove a Bookmark from Dolphin

Happen upon a site you’d like to bookmark? Follow these two steps:

-Swipe right to access the bookmark sidebar.
-Tap “Add Bookmark”.

To remove a bookmark:

-Open the bookmark tab.
-Tap and hold that specific bookmark. A menu will pop up.
-Choose “Delete bookmark”.



Organize_043. How to Organize Your Bookmarks Into Folders

Group similar bookmarks into folders so they’re easier to find!

-Tap the edit/pencil button in the top right.
-Tap “Manage”.
-Click the folder icon with a plus sign.
-Name the bookmark folder.
-Drag bookmarks into the folder.





Organize_054. Your Favorite Websites On Your Homescreen

Speed dials are a great way to make sure all your favorite websites are just one tap away.

How to Add a Speed Dial:

-Navigate to the site you’d like to add.
-Click on the Dolphin icon at the bottom of the screen, then click on the star icon in the top left of the menu.
-Select the “Speed Dial” option to add the site to your Dolphin home screen as an icon. You can also choose to add the site to your bookmarks or your phone’s home screen.

And just like that, you have a speed dial to quickly access your content on the go!



Organize_065. How to Organize Your Speed Dials With Folders

Tap and hold a speed dial to move it around the Dolphin home screen. You can also drag a speed dial icon over another speed dial and that will create a speed dial folder.
If you change your mind, just tap on the folder and drag it back out.







Organize_076. Web Apps to Keep On Your Homescreen

Dolphin’s Web Store curates the best web apps for you. Save anything you want to your Dolphin home screen’s Speed Dial:

-Your favorite news source and entertainment
-Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter
-Utilities like email and calculator
-All your favorite shopping sites
-Hot games that run perfectly with Dolphin Jetpack
-And many more!

It’s your browser, you decide! You can also add a custom URL from here by clicking on the “Add URL” icon in the top right.



Organize_087. How to Add and Remove Add-ons

An Add-on is an extension of Dolphin that enhances the way you interact with your browser. You can find useful tools to help you translate languages, convert sites to PDFs, save sites for later reading, and more.

To get to Add-ons, swipe left to access the right sidebar > tap “+” > browse for your favorite Add-ons.
And the best thing is – all Add-ons are free!






Now that your Dolphin is all tidied up, we hope you enjoy your browsing experience!


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