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7 Habits of Highly Effective iPhone Users

I love my iPhone and have been using it for over 5 years. Some of you might have watched Tim Cook’s keynote earlier at WWDC. Apple has sold more than 800 million iOS devices and acquired 130 million new iOS users in 2013 alone. I thought this week would be perfect to share with you some of my favorite habits to becoming a better and more effective iPhone user.

Let Siri work for you

Press the home button and command Siri to set an alarm, reminder or meeting, post/ tweet, email/ call your contact and ask about weather, sports, stocks and movies. To find out the complete list, ask Siri: “Give me a list of things that you can do”


Set Reminders and get alerts at chosen location

“Remind me on a day”, “Remind me at a location”. Not only you can set reminders like a to-do list, but also get notified at your office, home, stores and any chosen location. You can set priorities to each reminder and place them into lists according to your accounts.


Make Audio FaceTime calls

Audio-only FaceTime calls allow you to connect with one another and save data at the same time. It has the convenience of making phone calls but over Wi-Fi, LTE or 3G Network.


Share multiple instead of one Photo

One or more photos can be selected for a message or email. You can also post them on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Weibo. Alternatively, you can ‘AirDrop’ them with people nearby via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


Enable ‘Do not Disturb’

To avoid being woken up by phone calls and notifications, one can enable the ‘Do not Disturb’ mode. It’s like putting your phone on silent, but with the exceptions to a list of ‘Favorite’ people.


Close and clear apps and tabs

Double tap the Home button, with multiple fingers you can close several apps at once. In Safari, you can press the Private button and the option of closing all the tabs will pop up.


Turn on iCloud Keychain

Once you log onto your iCloud account, you have access to the all the taps opened on your iPhone, iPad and computer. Enabling iCloud Keychain, you have access to previously saved information on Safari like usernames, passwords, credit card information and Wi-Fi network information across multiple devices.


Hopefully these habits give you some good and new ideas for using iPhone. 🙂

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