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7 Apps to Connect with Your Dad this Father’s Day

It can be hard to find the perfect Father’s Day gift for the perfect pop. After all, he’s the one who taught you how to tie your shoes, ride a bike, and parallel park! Whether your dad is über tech savvy or simply excited to send a text message successfully, we’ve got you covered with a list of seven entertaining apps for you to customize, listen to, watch, and share with dad this Father’s Day:

ESPN 1. Satisfy the Sporty Dad with ESPN Radio

Share the experience of attending a sports event with your dad from anywhere! ESPN Radio features over 35 live sports stations that cover major and minor league sports, the audio versions of your favorite ESPN shows, tons of podcasts, and a fresh update of the SportsCenter newscast every 20 minutes. If your dad is a sports nut who doesn’t always have access to his favorite games, he can sit back in his favorite chair and listen in with live play-by-play commentary!

Available in the Google Play Store and the App Store.


Fitbit2. Give the Gift of Fitness with Fitbit

Who says that you have to wait until New Year’s Day to work on getting healthy? Buying your dad one of Fitbit’s activity trackers is a fantastic way to monitor and improve his sleep patterns, heart rate, activity levels and other health stats. Once you’ve set up his favorite Fitbit, fire up its companion app so dad can easily keep track of his fitness data. If you’ve already adopted one of Fitbit’s health trackers, you can push your pop to get into shape by comparing your app records. No harm in a little friendly competition over daily step goals!

Check out all of Fitbit’s activity trackers on Fitbit.com.


MomentGarden3. Share Milestones and Adorable Firsts With Your Family

Share milestones with your family privately and automatically. It’s so easy to use and especially great in this global world! If there is a baby or toddler in the family, use Moment Garden to remember and share the first time he or she walked or the first experience on a swing! With this app, you reduce the risk of losing photos dramatically and you can even transform all your moments into “moment books” to send to those who don’t quite know how to use the internet…like Grandma.

Available on the Google Play Store and App Store.


SlangDictionary4. Get Dad Caught Up On the Latest Internet Acronyms this Father’s Day

IDK if you know this but M&D grew up when txtng wasn’t the norm. TAI: it can be confusing!

Translation: I don’t know if you know this but mom and dad grew up when texting wasn’t the norm. Think about it: it can be confusing!

The Internet Slang Dictionary helps you stay up to date on the latest slang terms. Search quickly for new words and save you and your dad the embarrassment of not fully getting it.

Available on the Google Play Store.


hulu5. Catch up on the Classics with a Subscription to Hulu Plus

If you grew up watching classic television with your dad, there’s no better way to re-experience old favorites together than with Hulu. You can install the free Hulu app to see thousands of brand-new shows from dozens of networks, but if he’s enjoying watching Alf, The X-Files and the Brady Bunch, be sure to upgrade to Hulu Plus soon – all 180 episodes of Seinfeld are coming on June 24th, and have you ever met a father who didn’t enjoy Seinfeld?

Available on the Google Play Store and App Store.


Wunderlist6. Wunderlist Is Great for Keeping You and Dad in Sync

Never miss a game, birthday, chore, or important event with this top-of-the-line German app called Wunderlist (pronounced: ‘Vunderlist”). With this app, you and dad -or the whole family- can share lists and assign important tasks from anywhere, and then set up reminders to be sent to your email or smartphone. And you know what else is neat? You can sync between iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android, Windows, and Kindle!

Available on the Google Play Store and App Store.


Audible7. A Library of Audiobooks for the Bookworm Father!

Not everyone has time to crack open a book, but with Audible, dad can listen to high-quality audiobooks while stuck in traffic, taking a walk, or whenever he finally finds a moment of down time. Audible has a massive archive of 180,000+ audiobooks available, and the first one is free! Go through his library to learn what his favorite genres are, and what titles aren’t on the shelf yet, and surprise him with a free audiobook from his favorite author. While you’re at it, open your own account and pick out something for yourself, too!

Available on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Now that you’ve got a list of great Father’s Day gifts, be sure to spend some time with him setting up the apps and accounts. Whether you’re connecting over the latest news on ESPN radio or binge-watching 7 seasons of Seinfield in one sitting, spending time with your dad is the greatest gift of all.

However you choose to bond with your Father this year, have a Happy Father’s Day from your friends at Dolphin!

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